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Welcome every body having interest to know about Dir,"The land of Legends,"

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Dr.Imdad Ul Haq
Site Owner
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Mian Abbas Ali shah
28 years old
About Me

AoA.My Name is Mian Abbas Ali Shah,i belong to Village Gandigar Upper Dir,i am student of BS Economics Islamia college peshawar.I am General secretary of Youth Provincial Assemby Khyber pukhtoon khwa and Member of Standing Committee of Cultur,Sports and Youth affairs,I work as a social worker in Islamia College and Public Relation Secretary of Social Welfare and Awareness Socity,I am reprsentative of Our Dir Student as a Naib President of Dir Islamian League in Islamia College Peshawar,I Love My Sweet valley Dir,I Used My All Abilities for Development Of Dir.

Are you belonging to District Dir?


mohammad hanif khan bagh duskheel
49 years old
About Me

Are you belonging to District Dir?

yes dir is my hart

[email protected]

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Shahid Samad
25 years old
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saifur rahman
30 years old
About Me

my name is saifur rahman i m the student of bcs in malakand university

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Muazam Abbas Ranjha

[email protected]
About Me


About Me

i am civil engineer working at a construction company at uae.basically from distt dir munjai......nfact i love dir...........

About Me

I am a Master Student, studying for MS Information Systems at NTNU Norway. Being a son of this great district i am always hopeful for the betterment of Dir. I wish, we could highlight it as a model district in Pakistan.

Shakil Ahmad
About Me

I am Shakil Ahmad, currently doing my master in Development Studies in Lund University Sweden.

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Muhammad Asghar
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Are you belonging to District Dir?


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[email protected]
About Me

A Fresh Engineer from Pakistan Dir

[email protected]
About Me

Engr. Iftikhar Ahmad

I belong to the beautiful valley of DIR.